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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier vs S3 Classic

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and S3 Classic smartwatches
Our comparative and concise guide will help you to make your decision. But first, you need to ask yourself – What kind of person...

5 Most Rugged Smartwatches

Need a smartwatch that can cope with the harshest of elements and the toughest of workouts? We recommend five of the most durable smartwatches on...

5 Best Smartwatches for Music

Buying a watch with music playback may sound straightforward, but there are so many options to choose from that you need to be sure...

Skagen Hagen Connected Review

Skagen Connected smartwatches
Skagen is undoubtedly one of the best watchmakers on the planet, creating timepieces that look amazing and that are built to last. This Skagen Hagen...

Movado Connect 2.0 Review

Movado connect 2.0 smartwatches
The Movado Connect smartwatch is undoubtedly a beautiful looking piece of tech. In my opinion, its modern, minimalist design just works on every level!...

iTouch Air 2 Smartwatch Review

We’ve broken it down for you into bite-size chunks, in the hopes of helping you with your smartwatch journey today. We will clearly outline four...

VTech KidiZoom DX2 Smartwatch Review

VTech-KidiZoom-DX2 smartwatch
We have laid out a clear cut guide and will provide you with everything you need to know in our extensive but concise VTech...

Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review

If you want to enjoy the look of a classic watch but want smartwatch features, then you need to find a hybrid smartwatch that...

The Best Smartwatch for Spotify [Plus 2 Awesome Alternatives]

the best spotify smartwatches
Spotify on smartwatches has been a complete game changer for us! Simply, stream or transfer your favourite music onto your watch for wireless playback any...

Watchphones: The Future of Smartwatches?

smartwatch that makes calls
Smartwatches as we know them today are a relatively new innovation that have only become attractive pieces of tech on the last 10 years...

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