What is a Hybrid Smartwatch?

September 25, 2020

Hybrid smartwatch

The classic look of a watch is not only a great choice when it comes to looking the part at work, but it also helps to keep your style timeless and elegant.

However, the technology that comes as standard in a smartwatch can provide features that make your life easier and allow you to track your health and activity.

Rather than having to choose between the two or buying two different watches for different occasions, it’s worth considering a hybrid smartwatch that looks as elegant as a traditional watch but offers the tech that comes with a smartwatch.

What Are Hybrid Smartwatches?

If you are wondering what a hybrid smartwatch is, then you can expect it to tell the time in the traditional way with a face and hands that work in the same way as a classic watch.

However, you can also expect to see a wide range of other features that give it it’s hybrid status, and we have listed some of what you can expect below.

Battery Life

One of the best features of a hybrid smartwatch is the fact that they do not use much energy to run and can last months before needing a battery change.

The reason for this is that they don’t have to run a myriad of apps and only use Bluetooth to pair to a device.

The battery life of a hybrid watch is generally far superior to that of a regular smartwatch.

Sports Tracking

Many hybrid smartwatches now offer comprehensive sports tracking so that you can keep it on in the gym, when on a run or even when you are in the pool.

The smart side of the hybrid will connect to a phone app that will share all the data from your workouts so that you can monitor how successful your efforts have been each time you exercise.

Fitness Tracking

Keeping your heart fit and healthy is something that most of us think about, and having a watch that can give you feedback is a great way of doing this.

Most hybrids will count your daily steps, set step goals, and count the calories that you burn every day.


Keeping up to date with what is going on in the world, knowing when a loved one needs you, and accessing emails and texts when they come through is something that many of us prioritize.

The notification system that comes with a hybrid smartwatch means that you can be alerted to check your mobile phone when you are needed.

Most hybrids offer different notifications for different things, and this can be as simple as a different vibration pattern so that you know what can be ignored and what needs your immediate attention.

The great thing about hybrids is that their notifications are not noticeable to anyone but the wearer, so you won’t find that your watch causes disruptions during important meetings or when you are out enjoying yourself.

In essence, it allows you to enjoy a balance in life that a smartwatch doesn’t.

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What A Hybrid Smartwatch Cannot Do

hybrid analog smartwatches

However great a hybrid smartwatch may seem, they are not able to run apps from the watch or change the way the face looks at the touch of a button.

They cannot offer the huge range of tracking that some smartwatches now offer, and you cannot expect to use it as a replacement for your phone, rather an add-on that alerts you when you need to check your phone.

Hybrid Smartwatch vs Smartwatch

Choosing which watch to get can be difficult, especially when you are choosing between a hybrid and a smartwatch.

A hybrid smartwatch is not a supped up mechanical watch or a poor relation of the smartwatch; it is a combination of what makes each of these watches great, ready to be enjoyed by you.

A smartwatch is made to offer a range of smart features so that you can use it with or without your phone and stay in touch with the world.

When you choose to buy a hybrid smartwatch, you can look forward to getting something that looks and feels amazing on your wrist but helps you to stay in contact with the world and keep on top of your health and sports activities.

Smartwatches are more focused on looking like a modern sports watch and tend to have bigger, colorful screens to interact with.

Hybrid smartwatches are becoming more popular with people that want to retain a classic, timeless look without compromising on getting data that will help them to be fit and healthy.

Smartwatches take everything traditional about a watch and change it to be optimized for the person that wants to have their stats available on their wrist at all times.

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Leading Hybrid Smartwatches

Garmin Vivomove HR

This hybrid smartwatch by Garmin is an excellent choice for any man that wants to be able to control their notifications as well as getting access to music when on a workout.

The watch is packed full of tracking capabilities so that you will know how your heart rate is functioning along with stress tracking and a relaxation tool that will support you to keep calm throughout whatever the day throws in your way.

The screen is stunning and can offer discreet notifications that show your steps, calories burned, your heart rate, and distance covered. This makes it an ideal partner for all your workouts as well as a great companion in daily life.

This hybrid watch comes with an excellent battery that can last up to five whole days when not in smart mode or two full days when the smart mode is activated.

You can even personalize the watch by changing the strap to suit your look, meaning that this watch is the only one you will ever need.

Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

This hybrid smartwatch from Withings is beautiful to look at and offers a range of tools to help keep you up to date on your progress through each day.

You can use it in GPS mode to track where you are, and it will not only count your steps but track a range of activities so you can assess your performance each day.

The integrated heart rate tracker is an asset and will enable you to know when your workout has hit the fat burn zone and what your resting heart rate is throughout the day.

All of this data and more is then transferred over to your phone app, ready for you to analyze at a later point.

The battery is outstanding and can last up to 25 full days on one single charge, so you won’t need to worry about packing wires when you are off on holiday.

If you love to swim when you are away, you won’t need to worry about your watch as this model is water-resistant up to a full 50m, meaning that you can relax in the water without any worries.

Fossil Q Men’s Smartwatch

Fossil is the leading brand in hybrid smartwatches, and this model easily explains why. Not only is it compatible with both iPhone and Android, but it also comes with a full one-year battery that will not need charging.

It is easy to replace the battery, and they are not expensive to purchase when the time comes.

The activity and sleep tracking features offer a wide range of stats that are sent straight to the app so that you can monitor your progress throughout the day and then compare it with your progress from other days easily.

It sends you notifications in the most discreet way, through vibrations and the watch had movements so that it will never interfere with what you are doing.

The watch itself has a truly classic look, and you can change the bands to suit your mood so that it is a true reflection of who you are all the time.

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Do you have a hybrid smartwatch that you recommend? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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