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Which Smartwatch Is Right For Me?

Choosing a smartwatch isn't easy. There's so much variety on the market these days that you can become overwhelmed with choice very quickly.

Do you need fitness tracking? Sleep tracking? Heart monitoring? GPS? Mapping? Music? Notifications? There's a huge amount of choice these days and it takes time to wade through it all.

The team here at recognize this and have devised a simple smartwatch selector quiz.

It really is just a matter of answering a few short questions.

You'll then be provided with customized recommendations based on your requirements and budget.

Save yourself the headache of trawling through all the smartwatch recommendations online and let us do the work for you.

Our expert smartwatch quiz is concise and straight to the point!

So, what do we cover?

Pricing is the main question we get asked about in e-mails from our readers. For this reason, we've categorized our quiz into 3 price brackets.

There are smartwatches that cost less than $100, those that cost between $100-$300, and then the option of price not being important. Rather, you're willing to pay what's necessary for the best smartwatch.

The fact is, you don't need to pay an arm and a leg for the Apple Watch. Sure, it's amazing but you can get a lot of the same features for half the price from other brands like Huawei and Amazfit. The real difference is in the software and interface design which Apple always nails.

Compatibility is another aspect that's often overlooked when shopping for a new smartwatch.

The truth is, the Apple Watch can be a bit awkward unless you own an iPhone. There can also be minor issues with Samsung watches not offering 100$ compatibility with non Samsung cellphones.

It's really important that your smartwatch and smartphone are fully compatible as certain features require phone synchronization. It can save a lot of time by narrowing this down at the beginning.

The intended use of your smartwatch is another important question that we ask in our smartwatch finder quiz.

We've categorized smartwatches into 4 special use cases to help narrow down the selection. These are:

The list isn't exhaustive but we feel it gives a good account of the types of smartwatch available.

By answering these kinds of questions we are able to narrow down our recommended smartwatches and give you customized recommendations based on your choices.

So, if you ever find yourself asking "Which smartwatch should I buy?" don't forget to head on over to and try out our smartwatch quiz.

It'll definitely save you time but hopefully money and frustration too.

If you're new to smartwatches and you'd like a quick run-through of what's on offer then don't miss our buying guide.

We cover all the key features worth knowing about and those that aren't too!