Skagen Hagen Connected Review

Skagen is undoubtedly one of the best watchmakers on the planet, creating timepieces that look amazing and that are built to last.

This Skagen Hagen Connected review will not only give you insight into the design of the watch but also share key information that will enable you to make a decision about whether it is the watch for you or not.

Many people want to enjoy the look of a more traditional timepiece but want to couple that with the features that come with a modern smartwatch. The Skagen hybrid smartwatch is one such watch that just so happens to look absolutely fantastic!


The Skagen hybrid watch is designed to be a showstopper and oozes timelessness and luxury in every way. It only comes in one size option, 42mm and is just 11mm thick so that it sits on your wrist comfortably so that you can wear it all day without getting a tired arm.

There are four different style options for you to choose from, and they include both stainless steel and titanium cases with either leather or steel straps. These choices allow you to pick the look you want and ensure that you end up with a device that is comfortable on your wrist.

When it comes to using the watch, you can use one of the three side buttons to get to the features you need; there is an activity disapply and remote features that link to your smartphone.

When it comes to setting the time, there is no crown for you to use; instead, you update the time and date settings directly from the smartphone app so that you can be confident that your device is always accurate.

Some of the Skagen watch reviews point out that it does lack some of the technology that you find with other models, but they have been left out in order to appeal more to an audience that wants to retain the timeless look of a classic watch.

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Features and Performance

The Skagen Connected smartwatch features can take a bit of getting used to as because it is a hybrid, there is no digital screen to navigate. This can be difficult if you are transitioning from a fully functioning smartwatch, but it is a compromise that needs to be made if you want to get the classic look.

There is an easy-to-use sub-dial that has four different colors; you can use these colors to assign them to contacts, notifications, calls, or even emails. Then, when one of those things is active on your phone, you will feel your wrist vibrate, and the watch dial will move to the color that represents what is happening.

This type of organization makes it easy for you to decide if you need to use your phone or if it can wait until later, plus it is a discreet way of knowing who needs you even when you are in a meeting that cannot be disturbed.

One of the downsides that keeps coming out in multiple Skagen smartwatch review circles is that there just is not enough variety in notifications to cover everything you need. Breaking your notifications down to just four categories makes it hard to prioritize and choose and does often result in you reaching for your phone when you do not need to.

Other features include sleep tracking, step counting, and even gives you the ability to control your music, take a photo, or to call your own phone to find it.

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The watch is powered by the Skagen Hagen Connected app, and the app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. The app can be used to set up all the different notifications, and it also gives you a place to check out your steps, sleep, and active goal.

The app is simple to use and makes sense to anyone that is moving into the hybrid smartwatch market.

Battery and Charging

Having a Skagen Hagen Connected not only gives you an elegant wristwatch, but it also comes with great battery life so that you can wear and wear it without worrying about it running out. It uses a coin cell battery and lasts around five months before needing to be replaced.

This is great news for anyone that does not want the hassle of another device to charge and who is happy to pop into the local jewelers to get a new battery every few months.

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Because there is no charging port with the Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch, the body of the watch is able to be thinner than other bulky smartwatches, allowing your watch to sit comfortably on your wrist and not protrude from under your cuffs.

Value for Money

In addition to all the other great aspects, the Skagen Hybrid watch is also great value for money! Originally marketed as just shy of $200, you can now find many great deals to enable you to get your hands on one of these watches.

In addition to being a great price, you are also getting a lot for your money. You can enjoy wearing the stunningly designed Skagen Connected smartwatch as well as utilizing all the smartwatch features that come as standard.

Skagen is an international brand, meaning that you can be certain that they are set to be around for some time and will be able to provide robust aftercare should you need to troubleshoot any problems or get your battery replaced.

When you compare this device to other smartwatches that are in the same price bracket, you may find watches with more features, but they do not tend to be hybrid smartwatches.

Therefore, if you are keen to look like you are wearing a traditional watch and only need a few basic smart features, then you will be hard pushed to find another device of such high quality.

Final Verdict

All in all, this Skagen Connected review not only details the timeless elegance of Skagen watches but also details how good the smart features are for a hybrid option.

Designed to be a talking piece, this watch will really stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons; well designed, quality craftsmanship and high-quality materials, Skagen understand how to make stunning watches.

You can also look forward to getting some notifications discreetly to your wrist, although there are only four notification options open to users at this time. You can even use this watch to track your health stats and set a daily goal so that you keep on track with whatever you want to achieve.

The price tag of this watch makes it irresistible, and you only need to factor in one to two battery replacements per year and no plug-in charging costs making it good for the budget!

Ultimately, Skagen has done what they are renowned for doing; creating a quality watch that will withstand the test of time and as long as you do not want your watch to be a full-blown smartwatch then you should not hesitate to get hold of one as soon as possible.

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