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Our #1 Recommendations

Based on your quiz answers, these are the smartwatches that we recommend for you.

These standalone smartwatches can make and receive calls and messages independently from your cellphone. They’re iPhone compatible and fit the $100- $300 budget requirement.

Just be aware that you’ll need to set up a data plan to serve your smartwatch.

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Apple Watch SE LTE


Apple Watch SE – Best Standalone Smartwatch for iPhone

The Apple Watch SE is the lower cost alternative to the somewhat expensive Apple Watch Series 6.

It comes with most of the same awesome features with the exception of the blood oxygen sensor and ECG that require expensive hardware components.

We should admit that you’ll probably need to test that $300 budget limit ever so slightly, but we just couldn’t leave this option out. It’s a really cool piece of tech that’s worth pushing the boat out for.

An Apple Watch that makes calls for around $300? Yes, please!

Ticwatch pro 4g lte


TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

The TicWatch Pro LTE offers outstanding value for money.

It’s a great all-rounder that offers solid battery life, in-depth fitness and sleep tracking, built-in GPS, and a whole lot more.

Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch


Fossil Gen 5E

The fact is, there isn’t much choice in this price bracket for standalone smartwatches.

So, we thought we’d include this offering from Fossil as an alternative choice.

It too can make and receive calls but it needs to be within Bluetooth range of your cellphone to do so.

By tethering to your phone it is able to use its own in-built microphone and speakers to make and receive calls directly from your wrist.

This actually might be preferable for some as it means the Gen 5E does not require an additional paid data plan. It’s a really convenient solution for occasions like gym workouts where you can leave your phone in the locker but stay connected to the world from your wrist.

If none of these recommendations speak to you then don’t miss our guide to standalone smartwatches.

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