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Fallout Smartwatch Review

Fallout Smartwatch
Introduction When a video game series becomes successful, it naturally follows that a whole range of merchandise gets released. Makers of the game want fans to...

How to Use Spotify On a Fitbit

Spotify on Fitbit
Fitbits have been on the market since 2009, and this fitness tracking company has worked hard to remain relevant to modern demands. Each device has...

What is a Hybrid Smartwatch?

Hybrid smartwatch
The classic look of a watch is not only a great choice when it comes to looking the part at work, but it also...

Burg 14 Smartwatch

Burg are a smartwatch company with a lot of history. They caused quite a stir when they were on the scene. Right at the beginning...

Burg 13 Smartwatch

smartwatches explained
Burg was founded by Hermen Van Den Burg. They make smartwatches that aim to upset the status quo by being more affordable and innovative. The...

The History of Burg Smartwatches

Sim card enabled smartwatch
The Burg Smartwatch Series Smartwatches are another piece of consumer technology that we’re gradually beginning to take for granted. They’ve developed from their humble origins,...

Burg 15 Smartwatch

smartwatch SOS
The Burg 15 smartwatch operates independently of your cellphone to make and receive calls and messages. You just need to insert a SIM card...

Burg 18 Smartwatch

smartwatch apps
The Burg 18 smartwatch is the latest iteration in the Burg series of affordable smartwatch options. The Burg 18 is well priced and is...

Burg 17 Smartwatch

The Burg 17 Android watch is another offering from Burg that combines smartwatch capabilities with the ability to make and receive phone calls via...

Burg 16A Smartwatch Review

smartwatch to send texts
The Burg Neon 16a, released in 2015, was the successor to the Burg 12. The Burg 12 was a landmark in that it was...

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