Movado Connect 2.0 Review

September 28, 2020

The Movado Connect smartwatch is undoubtedly a beautiful looking piece of tech. In my opinion, its modern, minimalist design just works on every level!

However, it’s what’s “under the hood” that really makes or breaks a smartwatch and in our review, we concentrate specifically on the design and features.

So is the Connect 2.0 all style and no substance? Find out below as we get to know the watch intimately.


Movado are certainly big players when it comes to design. This product is a fine example of how sophisticated smartwatches have gotten recently.  

With the option to choose from a 40mm or 42mm watch face, the choice is yours. Neither option is particularly bulky or heavy.

This cracking product has a rotational crown that gives you the ability to scroll through your menus and shut down the device if you need to.  There are also two side buttons that are customizable providing ease of access and quick app launches.

With a sharp, crisp, and clear display, this Movado clearly hasn’t cut corners on the software. Unfortunately, its bezels that surround the outer edge of the screen are a little bulky. This element tends to reduce the screen-size somewhat and its often a little bit fiddly.

This product is stylish and neat, the interchangeable watch straps are aplenty. This smartwatch boasts a range of patterns, textures, colors, and of course prices. You can opt for a metal mesh bracelet for more formal events or go for a simple sports strap when hitting the gym.

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The swapping strap process is not a difficult one either, the designers have taken into account usability here. Simply flip over the watch and release the mini levers to exchange straps.

Features and Performance

This nifty piece of kit includes the new heart rate monitor feature which is built into the underside of the ceramic case. It’s easy to use and provides a super speedy reading.

Other features include GPS – allowing you to track your journeys even without a mobile pairing connection. This is a bonus, make use of maps without having to bring your phone, this is an especially handy feature for those morning runs.

With 8GB of internal storage, you’ve got quite a fair bit of space for such a small device. This smartwatch also runs on 1GB of RAM too, which is a tidy little processor. Smartwatch users can also access Google Pay for quick payments via contactless – just tap your smartwatch against the card reader and you’re good to go. 

Anyone reading a Movado smartwatch review is bound to be impressed. This smartwatch confidently works with both iOS and Android. This being said, customers have reported better usability when working through Android.

To connect your mobile device to your smartwatch, simply download WearOS app and follow the pairing instructions. Several users have reported how user-friendly Movado’s app and the interface is.

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Once you have paired your phone and smartwatch, you now have the choice to download various watch faces as well as tweak a number of the watch settings. Movado has announced that they will be releasing over 100 different watch faces in the next year, although there seems to be a lot less than that for now.

By using the Google Fit app, you can tap into a wide range of exercise regimes and workouts, this app allows you to track your progress too.  Download the app to access several activities, including aerobic workouts, cardio, and even weight lifting regimes.

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t quite hit the mark when it comes to water-resistance. It’s only graded at 1PX8, so it’s certainly not suitable for a swim. It will however hold up against a few splashes here and there.   

When tested, both the workout tracker and heart monitor were surprisingly in tune. Smartwatches often fall short in this department. If you are looking for a decent fitness companion, Movado is certainly offering a decent product here.

We would highly recommend using the strap swapping feature for different occasions. Fabric straps work great at the gym, whilst the leather or stainless steel strap is great for formal or everyday use occasions.

The option to connect a sleep tracker in available via external apps, but you may not want to wear this watch to bed, that being said, it’s totally up to you.

Voice recognition is another cracking feature of this smartwatch. Just whisper a few words and away you go.

Unfortunately, our Movado connect 2.0 review research has revealed a few glitches in the performance of this product. While it may be stylish, accessible, and customizable, there is often a delay when using the watch, which leaves you tapping aimlessly at times.

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Battery and Charging

Unlike some of the other top smartwatches out there, Movado’s Connect 2.0 doesn’t feature wireless charging. We do think this is a bit of a letdown from Movado. Instead, charging is done by using an external charging pad that magnetically connects to the underside of the watch.

As with any smartwatch, its battery life will ultimately depend on how often you use it. If you regularly use the GPS tracking features or use the brightness on the highest setting, you will probably get away with a full days usage.

With some of the smartwatches out there boasting up to 30 days battery-life, Movado’s Connect is not at the top its the game in this department.

We reckon that with minimal usage you can get about three days battery-life, even if you leave notifications on and do a bit of fitness tracking here and there, so it’s not too bad!

If you’re in a bit of a squeeze, you always have the option to utilize the battery saver mode which will turn off all the running features. By switching to optimized usage, you can still see the time on the watch face. You will however need to restart the device when you require a return to regular usage.

Value for Money

The pricing of this smartwatch puts it firmly in the firing lines of big players like the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch. This is not a place you want to be as they are pretty sophisticated pieces of kit that are hard to beat!

While it is not the cheapest, it does boast a range of stylish looks and it certainly has a smooth and sleek appeal. That’s what distinguishes this watch, the style. If you want a really good looking wrist piece then this might be the one for you. However, if you want a truly great piece of tech then you should go with Apple or Samsung.

Overall, it’s a great looking product but it lacks speed when it comes to performance and is a little slow at times.

Final Verdict

This smartwatch certainly looks the part and will most definitely turn some looks when you wear it. It’s accessible, lightweight, easy to customize, and can help you with your fitness needs on the move.  

The battery life isn’t the best out there, but it certainly isn’t the worst.

In summary, if you fancy a stylish and nifty piece of kit, this is the watch for you. It can easily help you to follow any of your exercise routines, your daily to-do list, and generally just keep you in the know.

It looks amazing but as far as design and features then it gets beaten hands down by the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

So there you have it! Thanks for taking the time to read our compact and concise Movado connect smartwatch review. We really hope we’ve helped you somewhat!

If you own this watch then we’d love to hear about your experience down in the comments section!

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Jamie has a background in physics and electronics and has always been interested in technological innovation.

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