Burg 18 Smartwatch

September 25, 2020

The Burg 18 smartwatch is the latest iteration in the Burg series of affordable smartwatch options. The Burg 18 is well priced and is able to take and make phone calls due to the inclusion of an onboard SIM card.

There are many other options in the Burg line-up that have been proven to be dependable choices despite their budget price tags.

Burg aim to make a niche in the smartwatch market for watches that replace smartphones. It’s a big challenge as smartwatches are so small. Creating a nice user interface is very difficult and also having such a small screen gives limited feedback.

Will smartwatches ever replace phones? No, not right now, we’ll need to see where technological advancements take us over the next 10 to 20 years.

We need better battery life, and an improved interface experience first. Possibly, an improved voice control system could be the answer. That or some kind of innovative gesture control system. It’s going to be an exciting time anyway!

The Burg 18 smartwatch is another in the line of watches from Burg that takes the role of cell phone and can take calls and send and receive text messages.

There’s not much literature on the Burg 18 and perhaps this model was planned but never actually came to being manufactured.

The Burg 12 was the most popular model in the line and can still be sound for sale by retailers like Amazon.

Sadly, Burg are no longer producing smartwatches but these models show how much they were pioneering innovators 10 years ago.

You can read all about the history of Burg smartwatches in our guide.

These days the smartwatch market is dominated by big players like Samsung, Apple, and Garmin. Even more traditional watchmakers like Timex are getting in on the act with a new smartwatch line-up.

It’s a tough market to enter without a huge budget but more competitively priced options exist that don’t follow the same expensive price points.

Chinese manufacturers that are known for making quality cell phones at affordable prices are now making smartwatches worth your attention. The Amazfit Bip is one such model that is packed full of impressive features but is much more affordable than Samsung and Apple’s flagships.

Aside from a few exceptions like this, the user interfaces are just so much smoother with the big brands. The interface is a tricky thing to get right when faced with such a small display screen and such tiny buttons. You can see some really cool design ideas for an interface on uimovement.com. Is this the direction that smartwatches are taking?

We discuss this problem in some detail in our watchphone piece. We discuss the short history of these watches that can function as cell phones and also where they are heading. There are a few design limitations that are currently holding them back, but we expect these hurdles to be passed in the next couple of years.

Do you think smartwatches will ever replace cell phones completely? It’s an interesting topic of discussion that certainly has some good arguments for and against.

It’s an exciting time for the smartwatch world as we see technology finally catch up with our ideas. It’s a space that can see some huge performance jumps in the near future.

What features do you most want to see in smartwatches of the future? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

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Jamie has a background in physics and electronics and has always been interested in technological innovation.

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