Burg 14 Smartwatch


Burg are a smartwatch company with a lot of history.

They caused quite a stir when they were on the scene. Right at the beginning of mainstream smartwatch adoption they were at the forefront.

They were pushing concepts that still haven’t been widely adopted. Features like complete smartphone independence, where a watch can make and receive calls and send messages without being tethered to a cellphone. This concept was revolutionary back in 2010 and is still something that just a few smartwatches can actually do.

You can read all about the struggle to realize this concept in this guide.

Burg are sadly no longer functioning in the smartwatch world which is dominated by massive brands like Apple and Samsung.

Their influence on the smartwatch space can be seen in modern watches like the Apple Series smartwatches which include full SIM card functionality.

Smartwatches with SIM cards still might not be hugely popular but their time will come.

The Burg 14 smartwatch was introduced way back in 2014. It could make calls and send text messages. It also included a radio.

It bucked the trend by looking more like a traditional watch with an analog watch face. This is now known as the hybrid watch style. Where smartwatch features are blended with traditional styling.

It is still for sale online on sites like Amazon and Walmart and can be picked up relatively cheaply. However, be warned that a smartwatch of this age is now likely to appear very dated. Technology has come a long way in the years since its release.

The smartwatch market is in great health with year on year growth. There are exciting developments on their way so stay tuned with us here at Find Your Smartwatch!


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